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Choose a  package that will best fit your needs. We offer three plans: Daily, Unlimited, and Nanny service.


Schedule your sitter or Nanny! Please select the time and date you need a sitter.


Create an account; you will need your login and password. You will need to enter your credit card information for billing purposes.


A roster of available sitters will then be displayed. At this time, you can read about the sitters and choose the sitter that works best for your family. Then click “Book!” Your sitter will have twenty- four hours to confirm the sit.


Where do you find your sitter?

We search the city for the top sitters for our members. We love referrals from our current sitters and members. We also contact sitters through local social-media sites babysitting message boards as well as recruit directly from local Universities.

How are they verified?


Each sitter goes through an interview prior to offering them an opportunity to be a part of Southern Bell Babysitter Agency. Once their interview is complete, they go through an extensive background check through Critical Research. We conduct an address history check for places the sitter has lived, confirmation of SSN, and a National Criminal background check, including sex offender database search. Once they successfully pass their background check, we receive documentation of their up-to-date CPR certifications as well as a copy of a valid driver’s license. After completing each of these steps successfully, they are officially a member of the Southern Bell team!

What happens if my sitter does not show?

Both you and your sitter are sent a confirmation text 24 hours prior to your scheduled sit time; please contact Melba if you have not received a confirmation within 24 hours. If a sitter is a no show, please contact Southern Bell immediately and we will do all we can to find a sitter as soon as possible and refund any sitting fees paid.

What happens if our sitter is not a good fit?

We try to include enough information in our sitter’s bios to help ensure a proper fit for your family. If your sitter is not the right fit, please contact Southern Bell directly. We will ensure that if you receive a sitter that will best fit your family’s needs. 

What happens if you want to book the same sitter again?

Next time you book, keep an eye out for them on the calendar to book them again. You may speak to the sitter about their upcoming availability. But remember, members are not allowed to book Southern Bell Sitters independently, outside of our scheduling services. If the sitter or the families breach their contract, both parties will be terminated from Southern Bell Babysitter Agency.

What if there is an issue with our sitter?

If there is an issue that you and the sitter are unable to resolve on your own, please contact Southern Bell immediately to resolve the issue. 

Cancellation Policy:

 A 72-hour notice to cancel a babysitting booking, otherwise a minimum 3-hour fee will still be paid. If parents cancel 48-hours or less prior to scheduled babysitting than the entire agreed upon time will be paid in full. 

Give us a call:

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